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PROSEALS Inventory Management

PROSEALS provides global sourcing and customized inventory management solutions for our valued customers.

In today’s global marketplace, strategic supply chain and inventory management are critical in meeting the customer’s requirements. PROSEALS is your sourcing specialist, maintaining strong relationships with our global partners. Our emphasis is on quality products at the lowest possible price. Our supply chain has been through a qualification process and we continue to monitor performance with plant visits, audits, and our ISO monthly performance measures.
Just in Time Delivery

PROSEALS can offer customized inventory management solutions:

Just-In-Time Delivery

Inventory management systems are customized to fit our customer’s needs. No one system looks the same and we strive to be flexible and innovative to satisfy the customer. These systems help our customer by reducing inventory, satisfying demand, and taking out the cost of managing our products. Let us solve your delivery problems!

Custom Labeling & Barcoding

PROSEALS can provide labels to fit our customer’s requirements. Labels are designed in house using software that is integrated with our ERP system. Labels can include any and all requested product information including lot number, cure dates, or any specialty information. Any field can also be barcoded that makes receiving and data entry easy.

Global Inventory Management

With two facilities in USA and Germany, PROSEALS is fully staffed and equipped to handle the needs of our industrial customers around the world. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to provide you with the highest quality products and service available, no matter where your business is located. We are proud to serve our valued customers throughout North America and Europe with prompt parts and service for all types of engineered sealing products and inventory management solutions.
PROSEALS Logistics

International Reach

PROSEALS offers convenient locations in the United States and Germany that work with a worldwide network of dependable suppliers, providing extensive inventory and priority delivery of sealing products, metal components, custom molded rubber, and other speciality products for industry. Our global sourcing network of suppliers means no part or product is ever out of reach, and we can quickly locate and deliver to your business promptly and efficiently.
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