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PROSEALS USA is your one-stop shop for O-Rings.

PROSEALS USA works with leading OEM manufacturers to develop compounds and help design O-Ring glands as well as advise on material compatibility. Using our knowledge of materials we can develop custom compounds for critical applications.

The O-Ring is a very common seal and can be made of an elastomer, PTFE, or a solid or hollowed metal. O-Rings are primarily used for sealing and are put into a Gland that is cut into metal or other solid materials. The O-Ring and the gland make up the typical O-Ring assembly. PROSEALS USA carries a large inventory of AS568 standard sizes as well as metric and Mil Spec O-Rings. We are authorized distributors for Precix, Trelleborg, and Parco.
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Advantages of O-Rings:

Standard Compounds:

Nitrile (NBR)

Operating temperature: –30 to +250 °F
70 durometer; 90 durometer;
FDA 70 durometer; NSF 70 durometer, Metric Sizes

Viton® (FKM)

Operating temperature: –15 to +400 °F
black 75 durometer, black 90 durometer
brown 75 durometer, Metric Sizes

Ethylene Propylene (EPDM)

Operating temperature: –60 to +250 °F
EPDM, EPDM/FDA and EPDM/FDA/NSF 61 in 70 durometer

Silicone (VMQ)

Operating temperature: –65 to +400 °F
70 durometer

Neoprene (CR)

Operating temperature: –40 to +225 °F
70 durometer

Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR)

Operating temperature: –25 to +300 °F
green 70 durometer

Teflon® Encapsulated Silicone

Operating temperature: –75 to +400 °F
O-Rings with Silicone core

Teflon® Encapsulated Viton®

Operating temperature: –15 to +280 °F
O-Rings with Viton® core


Operating temperature: –300 to +500 °F
55 durometer, Shore D, Virgin PTFE

Specialty Compounds:

PROSEALS USA can offer a conductive FKM that has very low permeation in Flex Fuels and a strong ability to dissipate static charge.

PROSEALS USA developed a EPDM compound for use in sanitary applications that meets all of the following standards: NSF/ANSI STANDARD 61, KTW, WRAS, and DVGW.
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