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Metal Sealing Components

PROSEALS USA provides high quality bearing components engineered to perform in critical applications.

PROSEALS USA is able to supply bearing components from our partner facility in Asia. Quality parts with localized inventory management, sourcing your bearings components can be easy and affordable. We offer Bearing Adaptor Sleeves, Bearing Collars, and Bearing Seals for various industries and applications, including automotive, agricultural and construction equipment, pumps and compressors, two-cycle engines, and other industrial markets.

Bearing Adaptor Sleeves
BEARING COMPONENTS / Bearing Adaptor Sleeves

Bearing Adaptor Sleeves

The adapter sleeve is used to locate rolling element bearings with tapered bores on smooth or stepped cylindrical shafts, and is used with ball and roller bearings. It is made of carbon steel for strength and resistance to wear, and the locking nut allows the bearing to be positioned at any location on a smooth shaft. The adapter sleeve is an accessory for use with rolling bearings, which are used in various applications, such as automotive and truck transmissions, agricultural and construction equipment, pumps and compressors, and two-cycle engines, among others.
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Bearing Collars Components

Bearing Collars

Shaft collars are ring-shaped devices primarily used to secure components onto shafts. They also serve as locators, mechanical stops, and spacers between other components. The two basic types of shaft collars are clamping (or split) collars, which come in one- or two-piece designs, and setscrew collars. In both types, one or more screws hold the collars in place on the shaft. In setscrew collars, screws are tightened through the collar until they press directly against the shaft, and in clamping collars, screws are tightened to uniformly compress the collar around the shaft without impinging or marring it. Setscrew collars and one-piece clamping collars must be installed by sliding the collar over the end of the shaft, while two-piece clamping collars separate into two halves and can be installed between components on the shaft. Shaft collars are made from a wide range of materials including zinc-plated steel, aluminum, nylon, and neoprene. Found in nearly every type of machinery and industry, shaft collars are used in applications including gearbox assemblies, motor bases, machine tools, drive shafts, agricultural implements, medical equipment, and paper and steel mill equipment, among others.
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Aluminum Sealing Components

Bearing Seals

PROSEALS USA can provide many types of custom and standard bearing seals. We can provide single, double, or triple lip seals that are usually made from either NBR or FKM rubber with a 1080 steel frame. We also supply all metal and rubber to metal Labyrinth type seals.
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