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PROSEALS is a leading sourcing specialist for engineered sealing products serving original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

PROSEALS maintains ISO 9001:2015 Registration, and works with leading sources around the globe that hold TS-16949 certification. Our emphasis is on providing the highest quality products at the lowest possible price for both OEM and MRO markets.

PROSEALS custom gasket fabrication
PROSEALS is a full-line sealing distributor, with extensive inventory and priority delivery of O-rings, oil and grease seals, gaskets, PTFE, metal seals, custom molded rubber, injection molded plastics, stainless steel, brass and aluminum fittings, and speciality products such as bearing adaptor sleeves, bearing collars, bearing seals, and custom relief valves. With company locations in the United States and Germany, PROSEALS maintains an international footprint and supply chain network that can deliver any time and any place.

We stock a comprehensive list of standard and metric O-Rings in FKM, NBR, HNBR, Silicone, and EPDM. Our precision O-Rings are sourced in Asia, Europe and the United States, giving you a reliable supply chain for the ultimate in quality and flexible delivery options. PROSEALS is a master distributor for Precix, Inc. and is the Southeast’s Parco distributor.

In-House Custom Gasket Fabrication

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and facilities, we provide custom gaskets made to order with multiple processes available in-house that can be used for cutting gaskets such as Die Cutting, Kiss Cutting, Knife Cutting, Laser Cutting, Slitting and Waterjet cutting. Materials can range from solid rubber to sponge rubber as well as plastics. We can handle short and long runs with dependable service and just-in-time delivery. We are your source for many other sealing products such as oil seals, lip seals, custom molded parts, lathe cuts, gaskets, u-cups, rod wipers, and quad rings.

Global Sourcing and Just-In-Time Delivery.

Our business is built around serving yours.

PROSEALS can supply machined and molded PTFE parts including valve seats, glyde rings, gaskets, back-up rings, O-rings, and custom PTFE parts using just-in-time delivery methods using customer forecasts or EDI data. Inventory management is a key to our success, and we offer SMI systems to our local customers for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Our global sourcing has also expanded us into plastic injection molded parts and steel parts (Stamping, Grinding, and Turn parts). No matter the part or product your business needs, PROSEALS can quickly locate, deliver and expedite all of your sealing requirements. Our international customers depend on our robust supply chain network and our dedicated team of professionals proudly serving customers throughout North America and Europe with quality products delivered on time around the world.
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International Reach

PROSEALS offers convenient locations in the United States and Germany that work with a worldwide network of dependable suppliers, providing extensive inventory and priority delivery of sealing products, metal components, custom molded rubber, and other speciality products for industry. Our global sourcing network of suppliers means no part or product is ever out of reach, and we can quickly locate and deliver to your business promptly and efficiently.
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